Why Use An Agency To Manage Both SEO And PPC?

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Lots of clients come to us and start off using one of our services and then a few months later decide to use us for more and more services. Because of this I thought I would put together a blog about why you should use an agency to manage both your organic and paid search accounts.

Many companies choose to approach SEO and PPC as separate strategies. And while they are different in many ways, it can be helpful to think of SEO and PPC as working together in search. These two activities complement each other and lead to a more successful search strategy.

If you use one agency to manage both SEO and PPC, both teams can work together and share strategies to help optimise your account. For example they can share keyword data, trend data and test strategic organic keywords with PPC. Also, decisions are made based on achieving your business objectives, not the interests of different agencies.

I have explained below 3 reasons why you should use the same agency to manage SEO and PPC.

1. Your marketing goals will be aligned

By having one agency to deal with all your SEO and PPC needs this will ensure that your goals are met by having the correct strategy to facilitate them happening. By using a combination of both then you can ensure your website is being seen by the right people.

2. Conversions require multiple channels and this can be reported on and analysed

Research shows that it takes an average of 3 to 4 interactions before most users will think of connecting with a brand. Typically, 95% of visitors don’t convert on their first visit to a website. This is why you need an agency who can report and handle both SEO and PPC. The moment that you exclude SEO or PPC, you reduce your search visibility dramatically. Organic and paid search are both as important as each other and by having one agency handling both they can look at all the data to see which channel is getting the conversions or if the conversions can be attributed to both channels.

We can use Google Analytics to see how one channel assists another with delivering greater conversions. By analysing this data we can report on how SEO assisted a conversion from PPC or vice versa.

3. Sharing of data and ideas between channels

By viewing all the available data, this can really help the team to come up with ideas for your SEO and PPC campaigns, which in turn can deliver amazing results. If you have an expensive CPC for certain keywords it might not be feasible to carry on bidding on these keywords and this is where SEO can assist putting together a content strategy to target these keywords organically and appear in the organic search results. This is great because by using one agency for SEO and PPC you can target highly competitive PPC terms which are not feasible on a tight budget. If you were using separate agencies for this, then cross over of data would not be possible to action this plan.
Another example of sharing data is if you need quick results for certain keywords then the keywords you are targeting organically can form part of your PPC strategy.

In conclusion, with a single agency handling your organic and paid search accounts you will end up with a coordinated strategy integrating organic and paid search.

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