What are Google Certificates?

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what are google certificates?

Would you like to have your skills endorsed by one of the biggest brands on the planet?

That’s what you get when you earn a Google Certificate, and you might find your certificate helps you stand out in your choice of field. 

With a range of courses in in-demand subjects, Google Certificates aim to give you the skills you need to take significant steps in your career. Better yet, they can be earned pretty quickly.

What are Google Certificates?

Google Certificates are online courses designed to help kick-start your career in a number of high-growth fields. 

With classes in data analysis, project management, UX design, IT support, and IT automation, Google Certificates are there to help you make the right first step in your career. 

All courses are 100% remote and experienced Google professionals teach them. 

Google Certificates - Home page

One of the key ideas behind Google Certificates is you get the skills you need to find a job now, not after several years of training and a self-driven, possibly lengthy job search. 

Those who complete Google Certificate programs can opt in to be connected with employers and get help building their resumes and improving interview skills along the way.

Simply put, Google Certificates are online courses, created by Google themselves, designed to give you the skills to get an entry-level position in under six months. 

Who is Eligible for Google Certificate Programs?

Anyone can study for a Google Certificate, but it’s worth remembering the courses are designed to prepare you for an entry-level position. 

This makes the certificates ideal for people looking to take their first steps in the workforce or re-skill and change their career direction. 

If you’ve had some exposure to your desired field, then it also might be worth taking the courses to get your skills certified by a widely-respected name such as Google. 

At present, courses are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

As Google states on its IT Support Certificate Program Coursera page, 

Google has long faced an issue that many other companies also contend with—we had open IT Support roles and not enough qualified candidates to fill them.

This is part of why Google aims to make these courses so accessible, and it means the majority of people will be eligible. 

While Google Certificates could be an excellent option for anyone looking to get into these fields, there are many other possibilities. 

Note: For marketers, I’ve compiled “The Top 10 Marketing Certifications That are Worth the Money,” and like Google Certificates, they offer a lot of value. 

Why Earn a Google Certificate?

Whatever certification you study for, you want it to carry some weight in your desired industry. 

Upon completing your course, you can share your information directly with big employers such as Intel, Walmart, Bank of America, and PNC and take tangible steps towards landing your first job. 

Google Certificates partners

Google is a massive employer in the certificates’ subject areas, so their instructors understand what other businesses are looking for. 

The certificates aren’t just designed to give you skills; they’re designed to make sure you land the kind of job you’re looking for. In addition to coursework, they offer resources to find jobs and prepare for interviews.

Google states that “80% of Google IT Support Professional Certificate learners in the U.S. report a career impact within six months.”

What is the Cost of a Google Certificate?

Google is challenging the idea that you definitely need a four-year degree to succeed in these fields, giving you a cost-effective, quick way to get your career started. 

Google Certificates are hosted on an external platform called Coursera, a dedicated online course provider. 

You can get started with a seven-day free trial. If you find you’re enjoying the program, you can sign up for a $49 per month subscription. 

Since this is a monthly fee structure, how much the certificate costs depends on how long it takes you. Google states completion takes most people about six months, so this would work out as a total of $294 on that timeline. 

If this price tag is still a bit high, you may be able to get help with your subscription if you meet the criteria for scholarships and grants. Google has money available for qualified students in their IT Support Certificate program, and they hope to add more options in the future.

Google Certificate Program Options

At present, Google’s IT Support and IT Automation certificate programs are open for enrollment, with Data Analysis, Project Management, and UX Design being the newest additions.

Each course is broken down into bite-size chunks, and after around six months (or however long it takes you), you could have the skills you need to take on an entry-level role in your chosen profession. 

Google Certificates - course breakdown

Data Analyst Google Certificate

Modern businesses collect mountains of data. However, data is only useful if you can turn it into helpful insights, and this is where data analysts come in. 

With a Google Certificate in Data Analysis, you can learn how to take data and turn it into insights that power businesses. This skillset is highly in demand, which means high-level data analytics abilities may take you into virtually any industry, such as:

  • Marketing 
  • Finance 
  • Insurance
  • Media 
  • IT

With an average annual wage of $66,000 per year according to Glassdoor, this may be a great career option for you if you’re willing to work your way up the ladder.

Project Manager Google Certificate

Project management is another in-demand, well-paying, and far-reaching career that Google Certificates can help you break into. 

A project manager’s role is to oversee projects, ensuring goals are met and work is carried out efficiently. 

Here are common project manager responsibilities:

  1. Sorting the what, who, and when
  2. Analyzing and managing risk
  3. Ensuring the project is carried out to a high standard
  4. Motivating, organizing, and coordinating a team to achieve the best results
  5. Working within time and budget restrictions
  6. Liaising with stakeholders to fulfill their vision
  7. Completing on targets

Project management jobs are expected to grow by a third in the coming years, so people with these skills are likely to be very in demand. 

This is backed up by an average salary of $61,000 for professionals of all levels, making this an exciting career to break into. 

UX Designer Google Certificate

You’ll often hear me talk about user experience (UX). UX designers make sure technology, whether that be a website, piece of software, or invention, works for consumers. 

This is a crucial business need, so UX design is one of the five most in-demand hard skills in modern business. 

A Google Certificate in UX Design should set you up with the basic skills you need as an entry-level UX designer, and after some experience, you might be looking at an average salary of $85,000 a year, according to Glassdoor.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

The world runs on IT these days, so it’s vitally important we have highly skilled people to help when things go wrong with technology. 

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate can train you in network operations, system administration, security, and more.

Positions in IT support are growing rapidly, with job opportunities set to increase by 8% over the next ten years, much higher than average job growth. 

This means there will likely be lots of new opportunities for IT professionals, and Google Certificates aim to make sure there are plenty of people to fill these roles. 

Here are needed IT Support skills:

  1. Strong problem-solving skills
  2. Excellent communication
  3. A love of thinking logically
  4. The ability to work well as part of a team
  5. Great customer care 

Putting your skills to use with a Google Certificate and becoming an IT support professional could eventually earn you an average yearly salary of about $50,000, according to Glassdoor.

Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

The IT Automation course is the most advanced of the Google Certificates, and unlike the others, you need some basic knowledge before enrolling. 

Before taking the Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate, learners should know subjects such as operating systems and networking and data management. 

This course allows you the opportunity to take your career to the next level. Python is one of the most popular coding languages. 

The instructors are here to teach you essential coding skills and allow you to work on what Google calls a “cornerstone project.” That assignment focuses on solving real-world problems.  

This program is ideal for people who want to add to their skills and take their careers forward. With the backing of major industry leaders and the potential for apprenticeships within Google itself, this course may give your career the boost you’re looking for.

If you decide to specialize in Phython, the average annual salary, according to Glassdoor, is about $75,000.


Google Certificates are an interesting proposition, and you should consider them if you’re looking to get into any of these fields.

With a Google Certificate, you can get started in your desired career much more quickly, with many finishing the programs in just six months. 

Not only could this allow you to start earning money and developing your experience in the working world, but it can also cost less than many other certification options—and certainly less when compared to full degree programs.

 If you complete your certificate program in the typical six months, then you’re out only about $294. 

Google has partnered with big businesses to help certificate earners find work. Whether you’re looking to set up your own business or build your career working for a big brand, then it’s certainly worth looking at Google Certificates as your first step. 

Are you considering a Google Certificate?

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