How To Fill Your Facebook Remarketing Audience For Less Spend

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Retargeting is a brilliant way to engage with an existing audience and persuade them to make a purchase or turn them into a lead. It’s always great to begin building the top end of the funnel; however, some ad types can be quite costly. So it’s important to understand how you can fill the funnel for less spend while still retargeting a large audience. In this blog, we’ll discuss the different retargeting audiences that can be created from various data, so you can grasp an idea on what may work better for your business.

Website Traffic Ads

We’re pretty sure you are all aware of using website traffic ads to get people into your website. It’s one of the best ways to bring people directly to your business without any fluff. They can see what you do and what your business is about, helping you land a sale or a lead with remarketing at a later point if they haven’t been persuaded so far. However, website traffic ads do have their fair share of problems. You might find that your ad received lots of clicks thinking you have enough to build a decent custom audience but it’s worth to note that not all who click through actually stay long enough to load your page, causing them to bounce back out. This could either be because they may have accidentally clicked on your ad, the page didn’t load properly, or they may not be interested in the first place. Your CPC’s might be low but with further digging you’ll find that there is a substantial difference between the people that clicked through and the people that actually loaded your page. We recommend that when you’re setting up website traffic ads, it’s best to change your optimization event to Landing Page Views instead of Link Clicks as Facebook will then show your ads to people most likely to load your page. Indeed, you will see a higher cost per landing page view when compared to cost per clicks but this way, you’ll know how many people are interested in what you’re selling. When you get round to creating your custom audience based on this data, make sure you use Page Views as your source. This way you’ll retarget people that loaded your page and triggered your pixel page view.

It’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t the cheapest way to fill the top end of the funnel. Having a varied approach and finding what works for your account is key.

Engagement Ads

Engagement ads have plenty of uses, from directing people to your profile, getting people to watch your videos, obtaining more likes, reactions, and shares, or running competitions. However, what many people don’t realise is that you can create custom audiences based on people who have interacted with your posts or ads. We tend to see a cost of £0.004 – £0.01 per post engagement making it one of the cheapest metrics to obtain. Using an engagement ad with as little as £1 per day can help fill the top end of the funnel in a matter of days. Turn this data into a custom audience and you’ll find yourself with a wide enough retargeting pool based on people that have shown interest. The pros of engagement ads is that they’re cheaper than website traffic ads so keep this in mind if you ever find yourself with a tight budget.

Video Ads

On top of engagement ads, if you have any video creatives running in any of your ads, you can create custom retargeting audiences based on the people that have watched your videos. This can be filtered down by the percentage watched by users too, giving you as many options to split your audience as possible. You will find that just by simply running video creatives on engagement or traffic ads will build up this data source providing yet another cheap option to create a custom audience.

Not all of these options will work for your business. Facebook advertising is all about testing what works for you. In some cases, we find that website traffic ads can be expensive and may not be the best option. If you find that your CPCs are high, try testing engagement or video ads to give you another remarketing angle. If you find that both traffic and engagement work well, then by all means use both to your advantage and create a multi-layered ad account structure.

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