Google Ads Remarketing – Reach Customers Who Visited Your Website

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If you were not able to convince website visitors to your offer the first time, there is always a chance to finalize the transaction by using remarketing tools developed by Google Ads. This form of customer acquisition can significantly increase the effectiveness of campaigns.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing in Ads is a form of text or/and graphic advertising, which serves as a reminder and encourages the user to return to the website of a user who has previously visited it, but not taken any action (e.g. purchase, completing the form, subscription). The goal of remarketing is to recover customers who have, for some reason, abandoned their shopping cart or abandoned contact with you, and to bring about the final finalization of the transaction. Remarketing ads require an appropriate set up of an audience data source for the website or application they want to work with. The simplest and effective way to obtain this data is to use the Google Analytics tool, which collects data about website users and correctly links it to a Google Ads account.

This campaign is particularly effective in a situation where, e.g. due to the high price of products or the specialized nature of the services or goods offered, the customer does not make decisions at the first visit to the website and needs time to think. Google Ads Remarketing is another step to your company success by reminding of your offer to a customer who has recently visited a store website.

How do Google Ads remarketing work?

Google Ads is the most commonly used advertising platform for tracking ads (e.g. Facebook remarketing is also applicable). The Google Ads platform allows the emission of remarketing ads in Google search engine (text remarketing, RLSA) and the Google advertising network (on partner websites, e.g. popular, large portals such as YouTube ). Thanks to the combination of Analytics and Ads tools, a special code is placed on the site that allows you to research and save to the list of potential customers. When remembering users of your website, cookies are crucial. Cookies that are saved on the client’s computer and allow you to track his behaviour. Thanks to this, you can tailor advertising messages to the interests of the user or refer to places he visited within your site.

Google Ads remarketing, why is it important?

The Google Ads remarketing campaign is targeting potential customers who have visited your website but did not perform a specific action, such as purchasing or completing the contact form. In a situation where there is no clear ‘call to action’ button or in places where the client’s session has expired without any action it is possible to attract the website visitor again by making him aware that he has not finished transaction or reminding about the current promotion.

The decision-making process of many of your potential customers often extends over time. They visit your site, but before they make their final decision, they think about it, discuss their choice with other people, compare competing offers. Do not let a potential customer who is considering buying immediately after leaving the site forget about your offer! To do this, use Google Ads remarketing, which will cause image or text ads to follow the recipient, displaying on other websites that they visit. This remarketing campaign will get you advertising products or services to the target audience that has taken an interest in your company’s offer in recent days or weeks.

As part of this function, you can remind the customer of a specific product that he drew attention to, but you can also send it to the main page of the website or present him with a discount. By showing your ads again to people who have previously read your offer – you will increase your chances of achieving your goal.


AdWords remarketing is for you if you have a website or e-commerce store.


The remarketing campaign will help strengthen brand recognition and establish lasting customer relationships. If you are concerned about the conversion rate generated by your online store, Google Ads remarketing will allow you to reach again this group of customers who did not take any action during their first visit to the store.


It will reduce the number of abandoned baskets, significantly improve the number of finalized orders. So it is a great tool for those online stores that have a high position in search results and significant traffic on the site, but still have not achieved a satisfactory conversion rate and want to remind about their product or offer to those customers who have already visited the website.


Google Ads remarketing is the perfect solution to reach customers from non-remarketing campaigns again. The remarketing campaign will help strengthen brand recognition and establish lasting customer relationships. If you are concerned about the conversion rate generated by your online store, Google Ads remarketing will allow you to reach again this group of customers who did not take any action during their first visit to the store.

Who to remarketing to?

You can create the Google Ads remarketing campaign to target all potential customers who have abandoned their shopping cart, viewed products in a specific category from your offer or simply visited your website. These people will see ads reminding them about your company’s offer over the next few days. Personalized display images ads with the content directly on the ad, highlighting, e.g. the days running to the end of the promotion with a changing background colour will increase the chance that they will return to your store and make a purchase.

The Google Ads remarketing campaign. 

Google Remarketing is a universal campaign designed for almost every industry and every website. It works perfectly for companies whose offer requires a longer analysis and a prolonged purchasing process. Then remarketing allows you to refresh and recall the thought of buying in a tailored way, as well as to consolidate in your mind your company as the one that this purchase offers. However, this is not the only application of remarketing campaigns. If you run an online store with a wide range, and its purchase is not a complicated decision, you can effectively return with your ad to those who have already purchased in your store but may still need other articles from your offer.

Can be addressed to people who, e.g. visited the relevant department in your store, viewed specific products, or if you have a YouTube account, watched a movie, or subscribed to a channel. A remarketing ad can show on different sites and devices in the days following your visit. Investing in personalized advertising for customers who have already met with your brand will achieve better results and thus increase the return on investment in advertising.

Benefits of remarketing in Google Ads

The Google Ads remarketing campaign is about persuading undecided customers to buy. Displaying ads to people who have already come across your offer has the advantage that they remember the brand. Thinking about a specific thing they need; they will associate that your business has it on your offer.

If the potential customer is hesitating if it is worth buying something, advertising can navigate him toward purchase. A satisfied customer who has made a transaction because of the remarketing campaign can become a loyal customer who will not only return to your store but will recommend it to others. As you can see, there are many benefits.

Types of Remarketing

Standard remarketing

The advertisement in the form of text displayed to users who visited your website. This is the most basic version of remarketing which goes to the most undecided customers, who were disturbed in the making the final decision, e.g. lack of time or possibility of making online payments, although they were positive about the trade offer itself.

Dynamic remarketing

Automatically generated ads based on user behaviour on the website. Extremely effective on larger portals, with a high volume of competitive offers and various specifications of a similar assortment – along with the users clicks through the portal, remarketing reminds them of the places and offers they had the opportunity to view.

Customer match remarketing

It works based on customers e-mail lists. It lets you show ads to people from your contact list. The more extensive the database on which this form of remarketing is based, the more effectively you can personalize your marketing message to a recipient personal profile.


Search engine remarketing, or RLSA (for short Remarketing List for Search Ads) allows the emission of dedicated ads to those recipients who have previously visited your website and then undertook further searches in the search engine for products or services that you offer. This is a precise and effective form of promotion that does not allow potential customers to forget about your brand whenever they search your product range in Google.

Video remarketing

It lets you show ads to people who have interacted with your media or YouTube channel. In this way, the ad displayed by Google Ads does not have to be limited to a simple text message or graphic with the advertisement of the product being sold – it can be an interesting and encouraging video, which sometimes attracts customers even if it does not speak directly about the given commercial offer, and is simply fun or intriguing.


The possibilities of using remarketing are infinitely many. The choice should depend on the purpose of the campaign and the marketing strategy. The most popular method used is to target users who have visited the site and:

  • “abandoned” the basket,
  • made specific actions on the site (added product to compare, sent the form, downloaded a pdf, etc.),
  • spent more time on the site than other users,
  • browse a given section of the website (e.g. women’s clothing).

The main advantages of running a remarketing campaign:

Campaigns based on remarketing can fulfil a number of roles: they help increase sales, gain more contacts with potential customers, and also increase awareness and trust in the brand. Tracking advertising can become a key element of your marketing strategy, from which you will achieve a number of benefits. Here are the advantages and benefits of remarketing ads for your business:

  1. Increasing the profitability of other channels, including different types of campaigns (closing conversions).
  2. Increased brand awareness among users who have already shown interest in the offer.
  3. The possibility of advertising information about promotional offers to people interested in the offer.

What is worth remembering?

It is no secret that today’s consumer does not like advertising. Research shows that the main reason is the message not adjusted to the needs and profile of the recipient. If an ad reaches a potentially interested person, it is viewed with more tolerance and even interest. For this reason, over the past few years, marketers have invested more and more in remarketing as one of the forms of promotion. This is one of the most effective solutions used in internet marketing. It allows you to show a personalized message to selected Internet users who can be your potential customers.

Remarketing is a powerful tool if its potential is used correctly. Before we create a new campaign, it is worth thinking about a few details that can have a massive impact on the remarketing campaign success.

In the beginning, it is worth thinking about the goal we want to achieve. It is okay if we can express it numerically (e.g. recognize that we want to increase the number of transactions by 5%) and what is possibly worth improving.

The basis of a successful remarketing campaign is capping, i.e. limiting the frequency of displaying ads. If the user sees the ads too frequently, they will not use our offer.

It’s best to leave the creative to the end, but you can’t underestimate it. It should be tailored to the goal and the target audience of the campaign. It is better to spend some time and launch a lot of small campaigns with high efficiency, than one large, which will “shoot” blindly with random messages.

When creating the list, we can define the time for which user data will be maintained. The standard 30 days can be extended, and it is worth doing to gain more flexibility in matching the campaign to the context.

Ad matching is the key to success – it is a good idea to set campaign rules with high precision, using behavioural. For example, displaying ads of accessories for those users who bought the right product will be more effective than those who bought anything or who simply visited the product page.

The customer is hard to win and very easy to lose. That is why remarketing, which allows you to refresh relationships with a website user, is such a valuable tool. Not only does it ensure an increase in the number of transactions at a relatively low cost of customer acquisition, but above all, allows you to understand his needs and present him a closely tailored offer. This makes it one of the least intrusive and most accepted forms of online advertising.

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