Become a Google Partner and Join the Google Ads Inner Circle

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Google Ads partner program

Does your company manage Google Ads for third parties, and do you maintain some success with the pay-per-click (PPC) platform? If so, you may want to become a Google Partner, the search giant’s members-only club.

Joining the Google Partners program can provide you with immense benefits, such as specialized training, invitations to exciting events, and focused instruction to help you boost your Google Ads performance.

You already know Google Ads work. They convert 50% better than organic traffic, and most businesses earn double their ad spend, making advertising on Google highly effective and a no brainer.

Almost anyone can use Google’s PPC system to advertise on Google and grow their business (with the right budget and know-how).

Only a select few applicants become Google Partners and earn the world’s most popular search engine’s endorsement and other significant benefits.

Here’s what to know about becoming a Google partner.

Google Partner Members Get to Display a Google Badge

The definition of prestige on the search engine’s paid advertising platform is a Google Partner badge. Displaying the badge on your site shows that you’ve passed Google Ads product certification exams. It also tells customers you possess in-depth product knowledge, making you a Google PPC superstar.

google partner badge example

Find the Google Partner Specialties That Interest You

As a Google Partner, you have the option of specializing in one or more Google Ads product areas. These include Search Advertising; Video Advertising, Display Advertising, and Shopping Advertising.

Let’s run through them one by one.

  • Search: By passing this certification course, you highlight your ability to create and optimize ads that perform well on Google search. That means they’re prominently displayed and receive clicks with buyer intent. And if you need to, you’re able to advise others on keyword strategy and budget planning because you’re a search engine master.
  • Video: This certification indicates your expertise in implementing and optimizing YouTube ad campaigns.
  • Display: This certification area gives you the means to create compelling visual ads that snag the attention of customers on two million sites and 650,000 apps in Google’s combined networks.
  • Shopping: As a Shopping Advertising Google Partner, you know how to place products on Google Search and set up your Merchant Center inventory. You also know how to create winning Google Shopping campaigns. Keep in mind: this certification is not available in all languages. See the Google Ads Help Center to learn more.

How Do You Join the Google Partners Program?

Applying to become a Google Partner is free, and anyone can try to join the program. Google gives you all the information you need to pass the exams and flourish in your chosen certification area. Whether or not you pass the certification exams is up to you.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Google Partner?

Google ads specialties

Google wants you to pass the exams and be successful in your Google Ads endeavors. To help you out, Google gives you access to a range of essential benefits, including education, support, expanded reach, and other rewards.

Education to Succeed

Google has pulled out all the stops to ensure you get the best Google Ad education possible. Skillshop learning courses help you develop and hone your skills, while certifications are provided to prove your knowledge. Google also makes available a host of valuable case studies, access to like-minded professionals, and much more on Think with Google and Google Trends.

Valuable Support

Google’s product support is available to help you by giving you access to relevant advice and a range of resources, including Google Ads Recommendations and Google Ads Help Center.

Expanded Reach

With Google Connect, you can display your thought leadership and host co-branded events. You can even onboard new clients or pitch potential ones with Google Ads promotional offers.

Business Acceleration

Google’s Acceleration program is a specialized online education system designed to help you boost your skills and business growth.

Bonus Rewards

By taking part in the Google Partners Rewards program, you get a chance to expand your knowledge by engaging in a series of quarterly challenges designed to help you gain new clients, optimize campaigns, or obtain certification. You even get access to seasonal insights, pitch decks, product advice, and a suite of other exciting rewards. You also have a chance to win prizes.

How Do You Qualify to Become a Google Partner?

The first thing you’ll need to do is pass the required Google Ads certification courses for your specialty areas. You must also meet the spend requirement across your managed accounts.

Finally, you must demonstrate performance by consistently delivering strong client and company growth. In other words, you must become an active and exemplary Google Ads user.

What Are the Partner Badge Requirements?

Once you’ve become a Google Partner and have demonstrated your expertise in Google Ads, you can be considered for a Partner Badge. You’ll need to meet a few additional requirements to apply.


You must consistently show advancing ad revenue and growth, as well as an expanding customer base.

Ad Spend

You must meet a 90-day ad spend requirement of $10,000 across your managed accounts. This sends a message to Partners that your company has a healthy level of activity. Google Partners will evaluate your account based on your manager account during an 18-month period.


Your company needs one user certified in Google Ads who has admin or standard access to the Google Ads manager account. It can also be any account linked to your manager account.

Google Badge Requirement Changes

Be prepared for a new set of rules to qualify for a Partner Badge. Many of the basic rules will still apply, but you won’t be required to adopt all the recommendations or achieve a 100% optimization score to earn a badge.

Going forward, you must achieve a 70% optimization score to qualify. Google introduced this optimization score to help users understand what was working and what wasn’t, and how to fix elements that weren’t performing.

Pay close attention to any suggestions Google gives you, as advertisers who increase their optimization scores by 10 points see a 10% conversion boost, on average.

New Ad Spend Requirements

To qualify for a Google Badge in 2020, your Google Ad spend must be at least $10,000 in 90 days. In 2021, this requirement will change to a $20,000 ad spend over 90 days, across your managed accounts, to prove your company maintains healthy advertising activity.


This year, In 2020, your company needs a user to certify in Google Ads or have standard access to the Google Ads manager account. In 2021, half of your eligible users will have to obtain certifications from Skillshop. As a partner, you’ll need to demonstrate your proficiency consistently.

Premier Badge Requirements

To meet the requirements for a Premier Partner Badge, you must deliver strong Google Ads revenue and growth, meet a higher ad spend across your managed accounts, and have two or more users in your company who are certified in Google Ads (or who have admin or standard status on your organization’s Google Ads manager account).

In 2021, once your company has succeeded in earning a Google Partners Badge, you have an opportunity to be chosen for Premier status. The program will grant Premier status to the top 3% of participating companies each calendar year. The companies are selected based on annual ad spend, client growth, client retention, and other information. The evaluation process is conducted annually and may exclude some markets.

Get Listed as a Google Partner on the Marketing Platform Directory

When you become certified as a Google Ads Partner, you’ll be listed in the Marketing Platform Directory. Your listing will include your business name, a short description of your organization, partner type, and the product certifications you possess.

There are two types of marketing platform partners: Certified Companies and Sales Partners.

Certified Company

This descriptor means you’re educated about Google Marketing Platform products. You’re able to use your expertise to offer quality services to your customers, whether you’re consulting, training, implementing Google products, or offering technical support.

Sales Partner

Certified Companies that help Google sell products are known as Sales Partners. Becoming one gives you access to special perks such as customer management tools, sales opportunities, and co-marketing opportunities.

How to Obtain Company Certification

Know the Rules

Familiarize yourself with Google’s Partners Terms and Conditions. It is essential to read the document when you get time. You have a lot invested in Google Ads. The better you know the rules of the game, the more successful you can be at it.

Initial Requirements

Google will ask for your company’s size and structure, the services you provide, and pricing practices. You’ll be judged on your track record of client satisfaction and your consistent Google Ad investments’ success.

The reason for this level of scrutiny is that Google wants to work with forward-driven companies that maintain a healthy ad budget and use it wisely.

Google vets you for Partner certification by scouring the web for clear documentation that proves client engagement, planning processes, frameworks, and templates. Google wants to know your clients can rely on you for complex solutions and receive pleasing results.

Lastly, your website should be populated with useful content that clearly describes your offerings.

Product Expertise Requirements

Certification rules stipulate you must have at least five local, full-time experts working with Google Marketing Platform products. Each must have passed an associated certification exam.

Google considers your team’s size, expertise, and rate of certification. The company notes that it does make exceptions for smaller companies who have difficulty meeting this particular requirement.

You’ll also need to submit a comprehensive review of each product you offer. The review is meant to represent advanced work that shows strategic planning and optimization toward your organization’s goals.

The review will also display your ability to go beyond basic or standard implementations and use and demonstrate your client’s goal through statistics and testimonials.

Google essentially wants a case study that proves you can walk the walk.

How Do You Check Your Partner Status?

You applied for the Partners Program, and you’ve been waiting, but haven’t received a response. Take action and check the status of your certification. If you don’t receive certification, keep trying and using the resources Google gives you. Do that, and you’re sure to become a Google Partner before long.


Being vouched for by Google and having a Google Badge to show for it are just two of the benefits of becoming a Google Partner.

Being a Google partner also gives you access to easily consumable courses. Google gives you everything you need to maintain a Google Ads campaign and keep it growing far into the future.

And when customers see your Google Badge, watch out. That may be all they need to choose you for the successful future of their Google Ad campaigns.

Have you tried joining the Google Partners Program? What was your experience?

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