5 Strategies to Show Your Marketing Knowledge as a Brand-New Marketer

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Being a new marketer is awesome.

You’re fresh-faced to the marketing world which means you have lots of new insights you can bring to the industry. You’ll see the marketing space from a different perspective than a seasoned marketer, which means your opinion is super valuable.

But how do you show all that you’ve learned and what your take is on the current state of the marketing world?

Luckily, this is a really, really great time to be a new marketer. You have a plethora of platforms ready and waiting for you to share your knowledge on them—and connect you with the people that will hire you. 🎉

And as a marketer, you get to bring your marketing knowledge into your strategy for showing your marketing knowledge. Ahh, the marketing world is a very meta place and we’re happy to welcome you to it.

Here are 5 ways to show your marketing knowledge as a brand-new marketer.

#1: Do the Work

We’ve put this as Number One for a reason—the best way to show your marketing knowledge is to SHOW the proof in your marketing pudding. 

You don’t just want to say, “I think that running testimonial ads to a warm audience would work really well for conversions.” You want to say, “I ran testimonial ads to a warm audience and I was able to cut my cost per conversion rate by 50%. Here’s what I did…” 

By doing the work that shows your marketing knowledge, you’re creating a reservoir of content topics you can splinter amongst different platforms. 

The more platforms on which you can talk about your marketing knowledge, the more you’ll be able to connect with the people who’ll hire you to market their products and services. This doesn’t mean you need to be on every platform—but by splintering your content you’re making it a lot easier for you to be on a bunch of platforms, with minimal effort. 

What if you don’t have any marketing clients (yet!)?

Market yourself as a marketer—and then talk about what’s working, what’s not, and how people can replicate the strategies working for you on different platforms. (As we said, marketing is a very meta world 😂).

#2: Write Articles on Medium

Cue a platform! Medium is a publishing platform that lets anybody publish articles on topics of their choice. You can either submit articles directly to your profile, or you can use publications to help them reach a wider audience. Here are a few great publications for a marketer to send their articles:


The Startup


Why show your marketing knowledge on Medium?

Writing articles about your successful marketing strategies, the upcoming trends you see, or covering a brand that’s doing a damn good job marketing themselves is going to show that you’re marketing, you’re paying attention to what’s happening, and you know what makes a marketing strategy work.

When a future client Googles you, they’ll see your content on Medium AND the social proof of others clapping, responding, and highlighting it.

In each article, you can link back out to your website, social media profiles, or specific pages (like your Substack newsletter) so you can convert readers into subscribers. Since your website might not be flooded with traffic (just yet), you can use Medium to get your content in front of new eyes—without having to spend time distributing it yourself.

#3: Tweet Daily

Twitter lets you take a peek inside somebody’s mind—and as a new marketer, you want to show the business world what you’re thinking. 💬

There are 2 ways to go about showing your marketing knowledge on Twitter, and the ideal thing to do is both:

  1. Tweet original thoughts in one tweet or a thread
  2. Reply to people you want to work with or network with

You want to showcase your marketing expertise in sharable ways—that’s why you want to make sure you’re posting original, valuable tweets. As an example of what you can tweet (that’s also time-efficient), you can roundup the big idea of your Medium article and tweet it as a single tweet or break it up into a thread.

You also want to start talking to people in the business world.

What’s especially cool about Twitter is that it’s pretty easy to connect with people you admire in the marketing and business space. You’ll find them regularly tweeting about marketing strategies or asking questions, and guess who can reply to their tweets with a thoughtful response or answer? YOU!

For example, this tweet would be a great opportunity to network with DigitalMarketer CEO’s Ryan Deiss by talking about a similar experience you had—and making your response stand out from the others he’ll get.

#4: Create Instagram Stories Showing Your Knowledge

A lot of sales can go down via Instagram story…and if you’re looking to land more clients for your marketing agency or as a freelance marketer, Instagram stories give you an opportunity to connect with people who want help.

Here are 2 tips when it comes to showing your marketing knowledge via Instagram story:

#1: Ask yourself, “What does my ideal client WANT me to post about right now?”

Chances are they aren’t nearly as interested in your incredibly intricate latte design as they are in marketing tips that they could easily apply to their business. 

Let’s look at an example. As a marketer, what does your audience on Instagram want to know about? Well, your audience is going to be potential clients who need help with marketing. So… they want to know about marketing strategies they can use to get traffic and conversions. We have a similar audience, so here’s an Instagram story idea that works well for your audience and ours: 

#2: Break down your idea into actionable steps

Make your Instagram stories as digestible as possible. Instead of just talking to your camera and hitting the post button, use the text tool to write the point you are making, use gifs to make your stories more interesting, and end with a call to action like, “If you have a business and you’re wondering how you can apply this strategy to it, send me a DM and I can help you out.”

Here’s an example of how Rachel Bell is using Instagram stories to ease her audience’s hesitation about signing up for her Online Coach Accelerator Program. In each story, she’s written the point that she’s talking about to help make it a more effective way to talk to her audience: 

#5: Write Guides (That You Can Use as Lead Magnets) 😍

Showing your knowledge as a new marketer is necessary… but getting leads is even more important. Since you’re a marketer, we don’t have to dive deep into how leads are pretty much the whole point of why you’re showing your marketing knowledge—but we can give you some tips on getting them.

If you want to nurture new leads and keep showing them your marketing knowledge (even if they’re not ready to buy yet) you’ll need them to subscribe to your email list. Here you can promise them exclusive marketing tips or one-on-one help.

Writing a guide on Everything You Need to Know About Content Marketing or How to Write Copy Specific for Social Media is going to:

  1. Show potential clients that you know what you’re talking about—look at this huge guide you were able to put together!
  2. You’re happy to share your knowledge with them—which starts to build your relationship

Opting in to get your guide can be the call to action in your Medium article, your tweet, or Instagram story. You can break that guide down into LinkedIn sized posts and tell your audience they can read the whole guide by opting to get it sent to their inbox.

These are just a few of many ways to show your marketing knowledge as a new marketer. Knowing that you may not have a huge pull to land podcast guest spots (yet!) or a massive audience to share your knowledge—you can use these strategies to get yourself some traction.

Just remember, everyone started somewhere. Hitting publish on that first article, send on the first tweet, or share on Instagram stories is scary for everyone the first time.

But you can do it. And you’ll thank yourself later that you did.

We promise.

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